Business and Performance Management Consulting

Business and Performance Management Consulting

Business and Performance Management ConsultingBusiness and Performance Management ConsultingBusiness and Performance Management Consulting

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About Us


Our Experience

After 25 years in the financial services industry, Simon Micallef decided to change direction and established FinFocus Consulting to help corporates, businesses, individuals and teams.


Today, FinFocus comprises a network of business consultants who are experienced in financial planning and financial services having previously occupied Managing Director, General Manager and senior specialist roles. 

Our experience extends across financial planning, wealth distribution, life insurance, product manufacturing, sales, practice management, operations, risk and compliance. 

Talk to us today about how we can support your change program and enhance your business, and put you on a solid track to success.


Our Services

Our services include:

  •   Business Management Consulting 
  •   Business Start-ups and Digital Advice Technology 
  •   Financial Services Licensing and Operations
  •   Risk and Compliance 
  •   Project Management 
  •   Proof of Concept Studies  
  •  Technology 


Why Us?

FinFocus consultants can help  to improve the performance and efficiency of organisations of all sizes, be it a new player or a well established business in the industry. 

Our experts provide well-informed advice and high-quality information empowering firms to achieve their maximum potential.  

Our network of consultants are experienced individuals that have led organisations as senior leaders and navigated significant change programs through strategic planning and effective operational implementation.

FinFocus has had the opportunity of providing its services to :

  •   Commonwealth Bank  
  •   Thomson Reuters  
  •   Suncorp Bank  
  •   KPMG  
  •   Guardian Financial Planning  
  •   Suncorp Financial Planning  
  •   Bridgeport Financial Planning 
  •   Suncorp Advice  
  •   Business Health  
  •   Map My Plan (FinTech)
  •   FFP Financial Planning

Simon Micallef, FinFocus, Managing Director

About Managing Director, Simon Micallef

Simon Micallef, Managing Director, FinFocus

Simon has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years initially commencing in retail banking and later business banking and financial planning.

The last 20 years has seen Simon work across various institutional and boutique financial planning firms where he led various organisations through major change programs and re-engineering organisations to enable growth. 

Simon's corporate career involved major business transformation and this repetitive re-engineering of businesses resulted in the establishment of FinFocus Consulting. 

Simon’s experience has been gained by working with businesses and major corporates in establishing the strategic direction; executing business strategy programs; creating efficiencies; identifying business improvement; discovering hidden opportunities; implementing major change programs; transforming operations; and identifying and developing talent. 

Simon has been appointed to various director and chairman positions in the corporate and sport industries and has a diverse career encompassing executive management, leadership, sales, governance, FinTech (Robo / Digital Advice), operations, distribution, project management, and international football. 

Simon is energetic and passionate in leading and developing businesses and individuals to achieve peak performance.

Simon's focus areas include:
• Improving organisational performance
• Strategic Planning
• Operational effectiveness
• Aligning the business to key strategy
• Highly effective execution
• Decisive action
• Robust governance
• Stakeholder management
• Results driven outcomes
• Leadership style
• Individual and team coaching for peak performance 

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